Monday, February 25, 2013

a quick project

This is the Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater - a free pattern available right here!

I needed something quick and easy after the trench coat project so I thought this would just about fit the bill.  Especially since I already made one in December so I knew what I wanted to change about the pattern.  Although I was too lazy to grab the other one to take's just like this except brown, you can imagine it :)

This only comes in one size for 33-34" bust but by comparing the pattern to some of my shirts I was pretty confident the size would work.  I'm more like a 37-38" bust depending on the day and which bra I'm wearing, for comparison.  Anyway!  Let's not talk inches anymore, shall we?

My only pattern changes were adding a few inches to the length (although I'm pondering taking a smidge back off and rehemming) and I cut the neck binding a bit longer.  My first one tends to pucker a bit around the neckline so if your knit is very stable that piece might need some extra length.  I hemmed it with some Steam a Seam and topstitched - straight stitch worked fine here because I don't really need to stretch out the hem to put it on or take it off.  Fabric is double knit rayon blend.

It works with accessories!

I like it with drapy sweaters!

I even think I like it with a maxi skirt (top) and dress (bottom)!  Although the dress is just to get an idea of the shape - I think the colors look bad together.  Ignore the colors on that one. I was pulling all sorts of random things out of the closet to see what works with this.

Fun fact:  I once helped a friend who was a photography major (I was a plain art major) with a project where he needed models.  I'm all nice and whatnot so I said ok.  So when he's ready to start taking pictures he's like, "Do this with your face."  And I couldn't do it. I tried!  I did!  But I don't have model skills and I was really terrible at it.  I was remembering this again when trying to take photos of myself: I have no idea what to do with my face in photos.  So these are the least goofy looking ones :D

The jeans I'm wearing at the top there are some cheapo ones that I did a little surgery on and they still don't look great.  The next project is jeans that actually fit me...gulp.

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